Keep doing your own thing.


Here’s what I will do personally to keep the conversation about surveillance we’ve started going. I’m not asking anyone else to do these things. The trick to this is to find a way to help keep people talking about it that fits into the other things you do. I don’t want this to take over anyone’s blogging life, including my own, but I do want to keep it moving forward. Here are some things I will do:

  1. I’ll set up a page to index links to blog posts about surveillance as we find them. I’m not using my alliance page for this because it contains enough information already and I want it remain useful as a template. If you want to see what an insanely helpful page this could turn into, take a look at this list of 115 noteworthy articles about writing that blogger Kas Thomas has compiled and think about what list like that devoted to surveillance could do for us.
  2. I’ll keep following this issue and share things I find. I’ve been following it for awhile, just not very closely, and not on the blog. Most of the links on my alliance page are to things I’d saved on Sourcerer’s Facebook page because I thought they might be useful and some point (and I was right!)
  3. I’ll blog about it when there are new developments or when I have something to say. For the next couple of weeks, that means supporting  The Day We Fight Back, keeping tabs on a couple of court cases, and reporting on the progress of this alliance as it grows.
  4. I’ll follow links to posts about surveillance if anyone leaves them for me, read the information, and consider using it somehow.

Here’s an area where my knowledge is deficient. I don’t know what’s going on in other countries. This is information is difficult to keep up with because we don’t get much media coverage of it, so we have to dig for it. I’m very interested to know what people outside the U.S. are doing to deal with government surveillance programs in their own countries.

Here are a few links you can use to see where we are:

The Leather Library’s announcement and alliance page.

Alliance page of Not in our Name: The Criminality of Governments.

Part Time Monster’s alliance page.

Gene’O’s alliance page at Sourcerer.

Thanks to Sable at Confessions of a Geek Queen for reblogging the Leather Library’s announcement.


1 thought on “Keep doing your own thing.

  1. Forgot to mention in the post, I emailed The Day We Fight Back info about all this last night. No idea whether we’ll hear back, but they invited people to share projects with them, so I did.


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