Surprise Post!

I’m just going to put this here, because you need to see it, and so does everyone else. The Monster will be participating in this event, and I hope others of you will join in.

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

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About Diana

I’m a monster. Sometimes. I’m also a reader, writer, and observer, a lover of strange and impossible things, a feminist, and a pop culture nerd. I lived most of my life in a small Mississippi town, and I have a master’s degree in literature. Currently, I live in New Orleans with my my husband Sam, who is an independent filmmaker; my son, a precocious child who I refer to on the blog as Little Jedi; and our rescue pup, a rambunctious terrier aptly called Tank.

21 thoughts on “Surprise Post!

  1. I freaked out a little bit for a minute when I saw that graphic and that first line. Then I read the headline and realized it was just someone being a monster. I’ll look at it and decide about it this evening.

    Lots on the plate, and I am not satisfied with the consistency of my Zero to Hero participation (though I am very pleased with what it’s done for the look of this blog, and with the number of people it’s introduced me to).


  2. I think I’m down with this. Gotta give it a bit more though, but thinking about something cool I could do with The Writing Catalog.


    • Yeah, I like how this one is pretty open-ended with minimal direction but a clear aim. I’m looking forward to seeing what it does in the blogosphere.


      • I am looking forward, too. See my FB comment. I can have at least half of the posts I am thinking about ready to go and illustrated with writing memes by the time this starts. Seems like a good way to write ahead and come up with some useful short-form stuff.


  3. Reblogged this on The Writing Catalog and commented:

    I’ve decided to give this a go with The Writing Catalog. I’ll register in the next day or two as a Writing blog. The rules are already laid out, and they suggest short posts. I will use it to build something nice for the resources page I am planning. I’ll follow up soon with more info.


  4. I just signed up! A bit nervous about having time/material for daily posting but I figure I have time to plan ahead. Thanks for posting information about it!


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