Friends, Followers, Fellow-Travellers:


There is a winter storm bearing down on me right now, but the weather hasn’t turned yet and people are making jokes about it. If I don’t lose power, we are going to have a lot of fun here tomorrow. But I have to prepare for the possibility that I might lose power, so I am going into my workshop, and since I have not mastered the art of bilocation yet, that means I am going dark. Here is what I am doing in my workshop, just in case you are interested.

  1. Writing a message to everyone who is interested in working together to keep this conversation we’re having about mass surveillance going.
  2. Editing stuff and finding shareable art for a really cool Batman post from Jeremy on Wednesday, and possibly a Game of Thrones post as well.
  3. Thinking about what I can do to wrap up Zero to Hero (it’s almost over, and it has been worth it.)
  4. Isildur, dammit.
  5. Finishing all this stuff up, storing it on WordPress servers, and programming my robot minions to post it in my absence, just in case my power goes out.
  6. Other things I’ve left out.

Don’t be concerned about my person. I have plenty of crackers and blankets, and a lovely wife who will eventually be joining us here. I will be fine. I just want you to know that there are only two reasons this blog is going silent for more than 12 hours: hardware failure, or an act of god.

Capt. Jill, I look forward to our next conversation, and I saw that post today. I am blogrolling you just as soon as I have a second to muck around with the dashboard.

I like Peter Capaldi’s wardrobe, but I think the pose could have been better.

Thank you, contributors. Thank you,  Twitter and Facebook friends, and thank you, Geeks. This blog would not be possible without your support.

Here is the most awesome 1:38 of guitar-playing you will ever see on a YouTube.

More soon.

7 thoughts on “Friends, Followers, Fellow-Travellers:

  1. liked the guitar! I also really liked your post on Isildur. I’m still not sure what happened with all that back story with the ring. I’ll be looking for more on that. 🙂


    • Cool! Thanks for letting me know. It’s so hard to tell what people like enough to read more of. The Tolkien stuff seems to be doing pretty well, though, so you can count on more of that.


      • sounds good, I still love Tolkien, even tho I’ve read his books a couple of times and seen the movies too.
        I really love Piers Anthony too, and my all time favorite sci fi was the Mission Earth series by L Ron Hubbard. Have you read that (10 books) yet? Great satire. 🙂


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