Afternoon #Blog Roundup


The Zero to Hero assignment for day 23 was to publish a roundup.  Since I’d planned to feature a few Z2H bloggers here anyway, this post is my response to that assignment – a sort of “roundup of roundups.”

I discovered Never A Worry today by browsing the Zero to Hero tags. Noah has a roundup of interesting and well-written articles on the idiosyncrasies of English, the giving of gifts, and the importance of personal appearance. I especially recommend Ali’s “Violins, Cars, and Stereos.” I’ve been following Alienorajt for awhile now, and I enjoy her work.

Babbleogue, a blog devoted to Ana’s adventures in writing, alerted me to this challenge, and Ana has a roundup of her own.

Here’s  one more, not a Zero to Hero post, but a blog I discovered today while scouring the surveillance tag for blogs to feature in a different roundup. I didn’t find enough good ones to do a separate post, so I’m including it here. Not in Our Name is well-designed and focuses on government corruption and human rights issues. Chris reports today that the European Court of Human Rights has fast-tracked an important mass surveillance case.


5 thoughts on “Afternoon #Blog Roundup

  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog. I will have to read yours as well–as I didn’t see it until I started this challenge. The joy of networking through blog challenges!


    • Yes, that’s been my favorite part of this – it’s helped find a lot of blogs I like, and given me a way to have conversations. I love it.


  2. Thanks for the reference. I read your comment you left too. I’m interested in getting involved. I’m just on my mobile for the next few days (internet) is a bit clunky so haven’t fully explored your blog yet, but I will in a few days time.


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