Zero to Hero Friends: I haven’t forgotten about you :)


The assignments and the needs of this blog have not been well-aligned this week. No time for the daily prompt, and I tried other posting formats when I first started. I use text and embed the media I need in them for very sound reasons, I think. I already comment on three or more blogs almost every day.

I am still keeping tabs on the challenge, scanning my reader and checking out your work. I have followed a lot of you. I’ll have a Zero to Hero feature with links to some of you before the month is out. If you have learned things from Z2H that have REALLY improved your blog, write a post about it and drop a link on one of my threads. I’ll read what you have to say and consider featuring you.

I’m glad I did the first two weeks so religiously. It really improved my blogs, and I am happy I discovered you all.

Tagging this post just for you.

3 thoughts on “Zero to Hero Friends: I haven’t forgotten about you :)

    • Thanks 🙂 It is the contributors that are making this blog work at this point. I’ve kind of morphed into the editor, even though I edit with a very light touch. Most of the writing I am doing at this point is old-school churn-it-out and post right then, or things I am writing on the weekends just to stay ahead. I’m glad you think it’s turning out well.


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