You will love this song.

This video has been bouncing around YouTube forever. It gets taken down often, but someone always puts it back up. I am sure the link will not last, but we can enjoy it today 🙂

Is this Steve Earle in the early 70s? Hard to say.

The guitar and the lower-pitched parts of the vocals say yes. The period is right. It’s definitely something he wrote. He recorded it on Train a Comin’, so the period is right. And it looks like him. But there is something about this video being on YouTube that is just too easy to believe. It’s like a perfect hoax that my mind cannot accept. What do you think? Is it him?

The video takes me back to my childhood. In my earliest memories, my grandparents’ house is very similar to this place they are having the party in.  By which I mean the construction, colors and fixtures are similar. My grandparents’ house was (sadly)  never full of long-haired smoking people with guitars, even in the 70s.

And since we are on the subject of guitars and trains,  bop over to Peace, Love, & Great Country Music for more of both. There is also a haiku.

Video game post from Garrett today, later.

7 thoughts on “You will love this song.

  1. Yes, this is him. If you think it is, there is a a chance. Have met a few people on the street who are well known around the world. It is this feeling that happens. You know it. You feel it. Must be


    • hehe. I was referring to my other grandparents. It’s mostly the colors and the oil lamps. I think it’s him, too. I think a couple of those other people are musicians I’ve heard of, but can’t place them.


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