#Fun! #WordPress #Bloggers – You want to know this if you don’t already.

If you go into your profile and account settings, there is an option right beneath the interface language button that says “Fun.”

That option ads a check-box to your dashboard’s publish settings that says “this post is super-awesome” and you can tick that box any time you like.

We have no idea what it does beyond that, but I am seeing comments on forum threads that make me think it eventually adds other options as well. I never would have found it if not for Diana. She apparently enabled it without realizing a couple of weeks ago, and I tracked this down to figure out how to enable it on my own blog.

She’d been judiciously checking the “Super-Awesome” box for Part Time Monster‘s best work for about a week when she was Freshly Pressed.

My theory is that it does something random to your feed-posting. Like adds you to places you would never be seen otherwise. I doubt it is directly connected to Freshly Pressed. My best guess with no evidence whatsoever is she got lucky and “super-Awesome” put her near the top of the queue of a blogger who just happened to be choosing FP posts at the time, and her post just happened to be timely, opinionated, and concerned with justice. Like winning the lottery three times in a row.

I figured out how to check the “Fun” box by searching “This post is Super-awesome WordPress” then scanning forum threads until I found this. Tagging this post for my Z2H friends, because it is information I think you might appreciate.

4 thoughts on “#Fun! #WordPress #Bloggers – You want to know this if you don’t already.

  1. Hi, I’m glad you enjoyed my recent post for Zero to Hero. I like that your blog is oozing with creativity, but also has a geeky side – thanks for the helpful tips.


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