#Congrats, #Bloggers

The theme for this roundup is “Congratulations.”  A couple of blogs I follow have reached milestones I want to recognize, and another has a new video out that I love. Here we go.

Comparative Geeks marked their one-year blogging anniversary on Monday, and CompGeekDavid commemorates the occasion with an interesting post. He discusses how they developed their unique approach to blogging and highlights the work of a few contributors. CompGeeks is the first blog I started following closely back in October. They do interesting, thoughtful work.

I discovered Half Eaten Mind recently, and as I was poking around in their archives, I discovered they hit 50,000 page views on January 18. Vijay lists the top 20 countries they’ve received views from and their top search terms. It’s interesting stuff. HEM also has a “Directories and Awards” page that could be useful if you’re thinking about listing your blog.

Finally, Professor V.J. Duke (no relation to Raoul, I am told) has released another awesome collaboration with Mic Pencilpoint Studios, and I think it is funny enough to deserve congratulations. I give you, Punchy Parody: Lord of the Flies.

Normally, I would reblog the professor instead of embedding the video, but this one had to go in the roundup. If you enjoyed it, you can follow The Punchy Lands and find MicP Studios on YouTube. The peculiar combination of  cleverness and absurdity that is Punchy delights me.

We will have today’s Batman post with weekly comics picks later today, and a game review from Garrett tomorrow.

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