You know I really prefer to share live performances, but this video is worth watching just for the Harrison-Petty-Lynne interaction.

If you are too young to remember The Travelling Wilburys, here’s a little info for you to read while you listen to this awesome music. They were an all-star supergroup who recorded two albums between 1988 and 1990. Regular members were Roy Orbison, George Harrision, Jeff Lynne (of ELO) Tom Petty, and Bob Dylan. Other people played with them in live gigs. You know you’re dealing with a fabulous group when Bob Dylan is last on the list.

“End of the Line” is fairly representative of their work, both in the technical-music sense and the philosophical sense. Plus, it contains a Jimi Hendrix reference.

Orbison died between the recording of the first and second albums. This video was apparently made after that. There’s s rocking chair with just a guitar in it at around 1:44, and the camera shifts from there to focus on a photo of Orbison for three seconds starting at 1:46.

I believe the drummer is Jim Keltner.

You can find a history of the group here.

8 thoughts on “Lagniappe

    • The rocking chair represents the great American musician Roy Orbison, who is an important figure in the history of rock and roll. He died before this track was recorded, I think, and the video is a sort of tribute to him. The photo is definitely of him.


  1. Great, great group and excellent video choice. I agree with you on the rocking chair and Roy Orbison. Or maybe I read it somewhere and I am just trying to sound in the know! Either way, I am old enough to remember. Peace, ~victoria


  2. I have a friend who could have been Jeff Lynne if his life had been just a little different. Every time i watch this video, I think of him.


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