Zero to Hero: An Editorial


I have gotten a lot of good out of this challenge. Just look at this blog. I am happy with the results. However, this is an editorial, and that means I get to say  stuff.

Here are the last three challenges I have received from Zero to Hero (I have not had time to read today’s assignment):

Thursday – Learn more about visuals. That means mess around with the customizer instead of writing a post for Friday.

Wednesday – Do what you want, but we recommend messing around with your reader, instead of writing a post for Thursday.

Tuesday – “Weave the fabric of the blogosphere,” which is a fancy way of saying to mess around with your blogroll instead of writing a post for Wednesday.

@Wordpress: I agree that good design and proper networking are essential. But you need to be teaching that stuff on the weekends. Bloggers should be encouraged to post Monday through Thursday.

Even though I love the challenges and  have benefited from all of them, you could have ordered them differently. You could have put all that networking and design stuff on weekends very easily.

Some of us are beginning to feel a little fatigue from being told to masturbate with our interfaces and make friends. I suspect this is why performance of the zero to hero tags has declined over the last few days. Not that many people are reading them any more. Everyone who is still trying to keep up  is messing around with the “Customizer” instead.

9 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: An Editorial

  1. I love the challenge and have received a spike in viewship as a result. But I would agree that I thought it would be more of a challenge . As someone who had a custom design done, I haven’t checked the site for a few days because it’s all been messing with design and layout. I want some challenge as to what I should be posting! 🙂


    • I totally agree. I would have like to have had at least one challenge to post something in the last three days. Tuesday would have been good. Something else I am running into is that I’ll go and fix something on my blog that needs fixing (like improving my blogrolls last weekend), and then two days later, it’s the daily challenge, and I’m like, “I’ve already done that, what do I do now?”


      • On those days, I’ve either been doing a random “hows my life” post or trying to follow the 365 Daily Prompt assignment. There cannot be many more customizations to be done, so hopefully it’ll be changing in the next few days.


  2. I’m just learning the nuts and bolts of blogging, so the challenges have been good for me. I have an outside “agreement” with myself to blog every day, and I am involved in a personal growth group that holds me accountable to this. Of course, I am out of work on worker’s comp, so I have the time to write everyday.

    Anyway… your blog looks great!


  3. If you start at Zero, they’re probably all good challenges and useful. I had experience from another site and have skipped a few customisation ones because I’d already done all of that, but a lot of the WordPress-specific stuff has been very useful.
    Today’s is a writing one, though, and they may have wanted to keep writing ones for the weekend when beginner bloggers have more time for it and more time to read each others posts.


  4. I agree that the non-writing challenges should be on the weekends… I find readership drops Friday-Sunday, So why do I want to post the good stuff when no one is reading. I have noticed though not everyone started the challenge the same day, so some people will get to fiddle and tweak on those days best for fiddling and tweaking.


    • Good point about people starting on different days. Yes, traffic drops on the weekends, we’ve had a couple of good weekend days, but they were days when we had something really fresh/interesting and we did a lot of sharing on Facebook. Mondays seem to be the best day for pure blog traffic, followed by, for some reason, Thursday. Of course, that is based on a miniscule amount of data, so I am not very confident about it.


  5. I totally agree… As i see it, the taks go more into the networking portion than writing or posting. Its been many a tasks now and where we should is to post a lot and not design-to-impress a lot! But then the tasks have helped me build some of my clientele and I’ll be grateful! 😀


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