Annie-Blog: In which I wax embarrassingly poetic about a kids’ show…

– This is Annie’s first post from Part Time Monster. When we published it, we were just getting started. I am reblogging it here, because I think some of you who have just discovered us in the last couple of weeks might enjoy it.

Part Time Monster

Today, I bring you the first post from my long-time friend, Annie. You can find out more about Annie on our Contributor page.


Sailor Moon, the mother of all magical girls, has been celebrating her 20th anniversary. It started as a manga series in 1991 and the anime first aired in Japan in 1992. Twenty years later, the Japanese middle-schooler is an international powerhouse. There’s the manga and the anime, but there’s also movies, a long-running series of stage musicals, a live-action television series and a whole lot of merchandising.

And she’s still going. A new anime series is supposedly set to start streaming next year, sub-titled in several languages. The manga is being reprinted. There’s a revival of the musical. And there’s a whole lot more merchandise. This time it’s clearly aimed at those of us who grew up with the show and now have grown-up jobs…

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