This is what I’ll be watching tomorrow night.

I haven’t been getting my television fix since Boardwalk Empire ended its season, so I am glad Justified is coming back. I may blog about it a bit; it’s one of my favorite shows.

I wrote it off as a villain-of-the-week melodrama that trades on stereotypes of the American South after the first three episodes, and boy was I wrong about it. I think the show really hit its stride about halfway through season 2, and it’s only gotten better since then. It is frequently funny, relationship-driven, and well acted.

I don’t know how much is the writing, how much direction, and how much is just that he’s honed his craft, but Timothy Olyphant has come a long way since Deadwood. I’ve had my eye on Walton Goggins since the days of The Shield, a show which rates higher on my list than Breaking Bad. I think Goggins is  supremely talented, and I will watch him in anything.

It doesn’t hurt that the show is based on characters created by Elmore Leonard, one of my all-time favorite writers; if you’re looking to give him a try, I suggest starting with The Hot Kid.

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