2014, here we come!


Thanks to Peace, Love, & Great Country Music for nominating Sourcerer for the Awesome Blog Content Award! I’ll have an acceptance post with a few nominations of my own later today.

Now that we’ve made it through the holidays in (mostly) one piece, it’s time to move  into the next phase of our multi-blogging project.

This week, we’ll feature debut posts from a couple of our friends who have agreed to contribute to Sourcerer. I’ll also keep up my normal blogging routine, and Diana will have a guest post later in the week. That means we’ll be updating Sourcerer two or three times each day through Friday.

In addition, I will be adding a contributors page, revamping our existing pages, and continuing to participate in the Zero to Hero challenge at The Writing Catalog.   I will also have a Tolkien post at Part Time Monster this week.

image: Axe Bros.

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