Your Quick Guide To Dragons in Middle-earth (and how to tackle one)

– Always nice to find someone else writing about the lore of Middle Earth, and the art in this post is awesome.

A Tolkienist's Perspective

For DummiesIntroduction

Following the sudden increase of interest in anything related to these creatures, I thought it would be good to provide you with the essential ingredients that make up a dragon within Tolkien’s own fantasy world.

This “Guide” is meant to present a clear description of what constitutes a dragon in Middle-earth, whilst at the same time providing a “how-to” list on avoiding being burnt to a crisp by one of these creatures – given by Tolkien himself …

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Happy Christmas!

The wish is for everyone.

The song and the video are for Diana. We used to sing this as a duet during the holidays, back when we were young enough to do such things.

Have a safe, happy, and humorous Christmas.

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Happy Christmas from Christopher Lee

Packing up some pies, photos, and presents to go and have a little holiday family time, but I can’t leave without sharing this:

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