Time To Get Naked With Star Trek: the Dark Side of Exploration

– The Extremis Review is a nice find. They also do comic reviews and some other things; this is a part of an ongoing series on Star Trek.

Julian R. Munds

Trek Through Trek– Part VII

By: Julian Munds

Star Trekis famous for its optimistic vision of the future. It depicts a humanity that is without prejudice, without irrational thought and without greed. Trek is known for its idealism, particularly with its focus on exploration, wether scientific or cosmic; but exploration is not always an ideal experience. For every beneficial great discovery that takes place, there is an equal chance of complete disaster. The Naked Time shows the dark and frightening side of what the Enterprise seeks to achieve on their five year mission. This episode is the dark side of exploration.

Exploration is in humanity’s DNA. From the very beginning we were wanderers on this Earth. Out of our birth on the continent of Africa to our jaunt across the dry Bering strait, it is a human compulsion to reach beyond the horizon. However, not always are the…

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