Peter O’Toole at 81

Wonders in the Dark

by Sam Juliano

One of the most celebrated of screen legends the actor Peter O’Toole passed away early Sunday at age 81.  Rightly and primarily best known for his lead role in David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia, O’Toole was one of the most gifted and versatile of thespians, but through a quirk of fate and timing his eight Oscar nominations never resulted in a single win.  Of course such a statistical aberration says more than what we need to know about AMPAS, who similarly failed to award Cary Grant, Richard Burton, Edward G. Robinson and Claude Rains, despite multiple nominations.  O’Toole nearly turned down a lifetime achievement Oscar after he turned 79, as he felt he was “still in the game, and might still win that bugger.”

While O’Toole’s loss to Gregory Peck in 1962 is at least understandable (both men gave towering performances, O’Toole in Lawrence and Peck in 

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