Stan and Jack

This is a very thoughtful post about the Lee/Kirby/Marvel drama.

Therefore I Geek

Aside from those of its beloved characters, Marvel itself has an amazing origin story.  In November of 1961 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby released the first issue of Fantastic Four. Soon the two had several more titles under their belts such as Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers and The X-Men.  All the while the two men worked together using the Marvel method of writing comics, which was born more out of necessity than anything else. The Marvel method consists of a writer giving a brief outline of the issue to the artist, the artist plotting out the story, and the writer coming back and adding in all the dialogue to match both the art and plot summary.  In the 50’s Stan was Editor-in-Chief and writing nearly all of Marvel’s comics, which required him to cut corners, hence the plot summaries—some of which were only a paragraph or…

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