This video may not be suitable for young audiences

I never played Mercenaries 2, so I don’t know how it stacks up as a game, but the commercials that ran incessantly when it was released are a landmark in game marketing history. “Oh No You Didn’t” is one of the best video game themes I’ve ever heard. The peculiar contrast of feel-good music with violent lyrics is like candy.

I like this video. It takes four or five shots and moves them from storyboard through test animation to the layer breakdown, and ends with final renderings.

Our Thunderclap is going great, btw. We were up to 71 supporters last time I looked, and we have more than a day to find the remaining 29.

The Time Lord Victorious

So, I still haven’t managed to see the first 20 minutes of The Day of the Doctor. I liked the rest of it, but I can’t really post my thoughts on it until I see the whole thing. What I can do is post this awesome tribute to the 10th Doctor, and since it’s only been viewed about 44K times since March, I can be pretty sure most of my friends haven’t seen it.