The Many Deaths of Steve Buscemi

This is a just-for-fun bonus post.

I was looking for the Sean Bean death reel last night and found this instead. There are a few really good ones in here (the axe and the wood chipper make the whole thing worthwhile), and I noticed him in a few movies that I saw so long ago, I never realized he was in them.

Happy Weekend

Everything we’ve written so far about the “Rolling with Kings” Thunderclap

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If you follow every link in this post, you’ll find it to be quite a bit of reading.

If you just want to help us out, here are the quick, easy instructions to get it done in two or three minutes.

1. Click  this link to Thunderclap.

2. When the “Rolling with Kings” page comes up, find the red “Support with Facebook” button. The page has information about the movie in case you want to read about it before you decide whether to support it.

3. Once you click “Support with Facebook,” you will have the option of entering a message, but you can leave it blank and just click “Support” if you like.

4. You may be asked to enter your username and password. Thunderclap does not save this information. You are only granting permission to post my message once.

5. Once you receive a confirmation message, you’re done.

If you want to know more about Thunderclap, see this page. It includes a link to the official Thunderclap Frequently Asked Questions Page.

If you want to know more about the movie than the information on the Thunderclap page, the Indiegogo page has a trailer, background on how the movie got started, crew biographies, and a photo gallery.

Today, I wrote about how difficult it is to find a balance between providing easy technical instructions and providing enough information to be persuasive.

Diana has a post about what watching the making of Rolling with Kings firsthand has meant to her at Part Time Monster. I will update with a permanent link to her post once it’s published.

On Tuesday I wrote about why I decided to set this thing up with so little time and such new blogs.

If you want to read something about the difficulties of funding an indie film from the director himself, Sam has a post about that at Universal Half Truths.

If you want to connect with the Elvi themselves, they have a Facebook fan page.

If you want information that isn’t linked to one of these posts, please, leave me a comment or send me an email.