I concluded “Strategic Blogging” at Part Time Monster today and will conclude “Crafting the Message” at the Writing Catalog next week. If you haven’t followed these two series, the one at PTM today is probably the best way into them because it explains the main idea with graphics.

The writing I am moving on to next week should be more fun. I had to write about the organization and such first because I needed to lay it all out so I can study it and try to find ways to improve our game. Fortunately, I am mostly done with that and I am ready to write about other things.

The Writing Catalog now has a posting schedule and I have a list of writing ideas for Sourcerer and PTM that will provide me posting material for months.

These blogs are getting easier to manage by the day. Thanks to everyone for your interest. I’ll send you updates from time to time, and I am always happy to talk about blogging.