Ecstasy of Gold


Because Metallica is even cooler when they’re playing spaghetti western music. The music starts around 1:30, and the last 40 seconds are not to be missed.

High quality live video produced by Original music by the legendary Ennio Morricone

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Rolling With Kings, The Story of the Krewe of the Rolling Elvi

I was going to write about this and link to it, but Sam does such a good job telling the story, I’d rather just share his post with you.

Universal Half Truths

Rolling With Kings, The Story of the Krewe of the Rolling Elvi

This is the big project I have been and am still working on at present. It is a feature length documentary about The Krewe of the Rolling Elvi. Here’s some background info:

Back in 2003, a small group of friends were watching a Mardi Gras parade together and they saw a bunch of Shriners in dune buggies pass by in the procession. They thought to themselves “Why don’t WE do that too?” thus was born a new krewe, but not just any krewe. Together they were inspired by the image of the king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley, to don the attire of said king, and ride forth onto New Orleans and the world on little scooters, as members of a new kind of Mardi Gras royalty.


In the 10 years since then, The Krewe of the…

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My Plan for Sourcerer


This is where I will do most of my blogging for the next little while.

We built Sourcerer because we needed a blog that could reblog almost anything, and neither of the other three are really suitable for that. I also wanted a place of my own where I could post things that just aren’t appropriate for The Writing Catalog.

At some point during the building phase, I started to think I had created something with real potential, and I decided to make this my workspace in the blogosphere.

So, this blog is now my personal YouTube gallery, the place I write about speculative fiction and the social sciences, and my promotion platform for friends of Part Time Monster who share my core identity.

Most of the original work I post here will be punctuated with TV Tropes references, because I find them entertaining. (Don’t say you weren’t warned, but I will do my best to always attach a humorous warning label in the mouseover.)

For the immediate future, what you will see here are music videos (at least every other day), reblogs, and pieces from me about how we organized our little kickoff party.

Once we get Part Time Monster publishing every day without my help, I will occasionally write about blogging and social media here. For the time being, I am giving those pieces to Diana to fill in gaps in PTM’s schedule as she needs them.

I anticipate posting here on most days. If you want to talk to me about the craft of writing, you should comment at The Writing Catalog. If you just want to talk with me on a blog about cool stuff, this is the place to find me.