Thank You


This is a thank you card. It is for all the people we discussed this with over the past six months. Your confidence us kept us going. There is no way we could have done this without you. Thank you to all our Facebook friends who helped us out to day. We feel like we have something to build on now.

We really hope you guys check out Comparative Geeks when you have a second. We think you will like their work just as much as we do.

We’ll have more this weekend.


Diana, Sam, and Gene’O

This is Our Other Project


It’s sweet to have a writing website I designed myself. It’s even sweeter to give my little sister a dragon. That what Sourcerer is. He is Part Time Monster’s dragon. Today we see how loud he can roar.

I posted this to WordPress as I shared it with you. People are also finding it on LinkedIn. We even have a little outpost on Tumblr.

Sourcerer is still a fledgling. I plan to eventually connect it to every network WordPress allows.

We did this is because we want to build the blog of our dreams, but it can’t be built all at once. The blog of our dreams is a bit like Comparative Geeks, but we want a blog with a lot more geeks.

We have a strategy to reach our goal. We started four blogs. We picked one to be our brand and specialized the other three.

We invite contributors and collaborators.

Our top priority right now is providing Part Time Monster fresh content every day. If we keep that up long enough, we believe we will one day have the blog of our dreams.

I hope you will follow us, watch us grow, and share this with your friends.

We love readers just as much as we love writers.

And we really love a good story.